Flickr updates: What you need to know

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 2.43.00 PM

I’ve been a Flickr free user for quite a few years now, and while I’m particularly fond of its interface, one of the things that  was frustrating was the 200-photo limit. Whenever I wanted to add new photos to my stream, I had to delete some of the old ones. Fortunately, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced that they have breathed a new life into Flickr by giving it a new look and giving free users a major storage upgrade.

With the new Flickr look, the Photostream now features the entirety of a user’s uploaded photos streamlined on the page in a grid-type layout. The new layout also includes a cover photo and three tabs to give users access to their Photostream, sets, and favorites.

Flickr now gives free users the capacity to upload 1TB worth of photos, with the maximum file size of each photo being 200MB. Free users can create collections, post to up to 60 groups, and upload Full HD videos of up to 1GB and three minutes of playback each.

While Mayer stated that they have decided to drop the Flickr Pro service, existing Pro accounts get unlimited storage, meaning they can exceed the 1TB limit. Pro accounts are given the option to switch to a free account until August 20, 2013. For those who want to continue their ad-free experience, Flickr says that users are given the option to pay USD 49.99 a year just to eliminate ads.

“Flickr was once awesome, and it languished. Now we want it to be awesome again,” said Mayer during the press conference earlier this week.

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