Gadgets Magazine gets even more interactive with Mira!

Have you ever read a magazine and wished you could get even more info on the amazing article you were currently feeding your brain? That happens to us all the time, and now, we have the answer! Head over to the link for Android HERE, or search for MIRA PHILIPPINES on Apple’s App store, and download a copy of the app.

In a nutshell, Mira allows you to scan a compatible picture, and get taken to a host of additional content. We’ll have videos, photo galleries, specs, and even promos through this new service, so if you want a little more info, and some goodies now and again, get yourself the app.

The great thing about the app, aside from being able to link to more content and services without the use of QR codes, is that the link works no matter where you find the image, as long as it is Mira-compatible. The images at the bottom of the page, for example, is from our wonderful Wishlist issue, so should you find yourself in possession of a copy of this month’s issue, you can use the app there! Heck, if you find any of these images anywhere, you should be able to access the extra content! Go nuts!

The implementation of the Mira app is currently in the Beta stage, but it works just like we were promised! We’re now creating content, so all our Mira users get access to a lot of great additional stuff. If you’re having a little trouble, click the image to enlarge it, and hover your camera over the product again.

To get you started on just how awesome and useful it is, fire up the app and try it on any of the images below. Remember, we’ll be using this platform for contests and giveaways, so keep it handy if you want a part of the action.

mira honda

mira nikon MIRA PENTAX

mira cherry mobile