Game you should check out now: Ruthless Spartans vs Cuddly Hipsters

spartan vs hipsterDon’t be fooled by their adorable mustache and trendy bow tie. Cuddly Hipsters are everywhere and they’re determined to hug and hipsterrify you. It’s a good thing equally adorable spear-wielding Ruthless Spartan’s are here to save you.

Epic.Net’s web-based game, Ruthless Spartans vs. Cuddly Hipsters, features an adorable Spartan warrior who throws spears at cuddly hipsters who want to hug and hipsterrify the world. It’s fun and the graphics are impressive.

What makes the game even better is that it is also available to play on your mobile device. If you want to make it even more awesome, you can play the game using your mobile device as a joystick, and your desktop computer as the screen.

Try it out now . And if you’re not convinced, maybe this video will change your mind. Enjoy!