Get the Marvel universe in the palm of your hands

I collected the cards, I encased the holograms, I watched the series on TV as a child, but when it came to Marvel comics, the only one that really stuck was the DC versus Marvel issue. I was only 11 when I had first read the comic book and only last year when I bought the actual graphic novel collection for my husband. Now, you don’t need to download PDF files on your computer and “attempt” to print them (like what I did before I learned there was already a novel I could purchase).

The Marvel Comics App now allows you to download your favorite comics onto your smartphones so you can get your Wolverine, Phoenix, and the entire Uncanny X-men fix on the go. With over 1400 issues, you’re sure to know everything there is to know about the entire Marvel universe in the palm of your hand. (Then again, there’s if you want a more real life application)

The Marvel Comics App is available for iOS, Android, PSP and iPads.


Source: Marvel


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