Girls Around Me app – genius or just plain scary

While some apps are mostly fun, educational, entertaining, and helpful, there are just some apps that cross the line. One such app is Girls Around Me — a geolocation-based maps app that shows users what girls are in their vicinity, what they look like, information about them and ways to get in touch with them.

Once connected with Foursquare, the app designates the user’s location and then creates a Google map of who is in their immediate surrounding area, in a ratio of guys to girls.

Online people are outraged, calling the app “horrible”  and many people are criticizing the app saying it is geared toward stalkers and invades peoples’ privacy. One person tweeted, that app is “one of many legitimate reasons not to ever use Facebook, Foursquare.” The individuals who are yielded in the results are unaware they are being tracked and do not have the ability to opt-in or opt-out.

While it may make it easier to find out potential dates and to save yourself the anxiety and horrors of “blind dates,” the potential stalkers who may use the app for less-than-innocent purposes still outweigh the innocence of simply looking for “the one” in your neighborhood.


Source: Yahoo News