Google Translate: Now available in Cebuano


Our archipelago is huge. Because of all the people groups, islands, regions and cities, one of the biggest problems, even within our own nation is communication. More than just a technological communication thing, it’s the very language our people speak.

Google has been working on that problem for a while now, and they are proud to unveil the latest addition to the Google Translate lineup: Cebuano. This opens up a whole new world of friendships, commerce and education to many of our Cebuano Netizens. This brings the tally of Google Translate languages up to a solid 70, giving access to a whole world of information to more people than ever before.

Familiarizing ourselves with other languages broadens our comprehension for information. It adds more meaning and sincerity in a conversation, too. Cebuano is an important language to us  and we hope to have helped ease the language barrier with Google Translate,” added Gail Tan, Google Philippines Communications Manager.

Google Translate in Cebuano (and 69 more languages) can be accessed at, and via Android and iOS apps