Google translate, now available offline!

In this world of low-priced airfare and international travel, language is something that can be a huge stumbling block. While it’s a great thing to pick up and learn another language, there isn’t always time to clock in the extra hours to be fluent in a language before the plane leaves the runway. Google Translate has always been a handy tool for getting the point across the distant chasm that is language, but when you’re overseas, there isn’t always a reliable internet connection on which to run the web-based application.

Google now has a solution for that. Google has launched offline packages for Google Translate for Android, with support for fifty languages, making sure you have exactly the right thing to say, no matter where you might find yourself. You can select [Offline Languages] in the app menu to see all the offline language packages available for download. To enable offline translation between any two languages, you just need to select them in the offline languages menu. Once the packages are downloaded, you are all set.

Bear in mind that the offline service isn’t as comprehensive as their full, online counterparts, but for the simpler things, they should do just fine, and are far better than thumbing through a foreign travel book to get your point across, particularly when there is a lack of internet access. Check it out HERE.