iPhone app allows you to have temporary phone numbers

Need that extra privacy? The iPhone app Burner allows you to create a temporary phone number. If you’ve ever needed to avoid crazy exes, stalkers, play a prank on your friends, or close deals you made online with people without providing your real phone number, this is probably the ideal app for you. You can even share your temporary number on Facebook and Twitter without having your real identity compromised.

According to the website, “Turn off inbound SMS notifications or rings quickly and easily. Manage all your inbound calls, SMS messages, and voicemails in one place,” and you can even drop the number from existence completely when you’re done with it. “Done with the number? It’s easy (and fun) to “burn” the number, taking it out of service and wiping it from your phone as if it never existed!”

However, there is a catch for such a service: you are only given a certain number of credits, so you have to purchase more if you want to use this service constantly. Their Terms of Service are also very specific on how you use the app, so use it wisely and legally only.