Mobile Malware on the rise. Here’s what you can do.


As the use of mobile devices increases, so does the incidence of mobile malware attacks. Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in consumer digital information security, predicts a 185% increase in malicious and high risk Android apps in 2013. The problem with mobile apps is that the vendors concerned still have a ways to go to make sure all the apps are iron-clad and won’t do funny stuff with your data. Based on Trend Micro’s 2012 Mobile Threat and Security Roundup, the Company forecasted that not only would there be a 185% increase in malicious malware, but that Adware and Data stealers will be the second and third most prevalent kinds of malicious apps. This brings problems such as fraudulent text messages, user annoyance and the aforementioned data leakage, which gets to be a larger problem once mobile commerce comes into the picture.

“Currently apps on every major platform are entirely opaque when it comes to informing the user whether encryption is being used when transmitting data,” said Myla Pilao, director for Core Technology marketing, Trend Micro.  “Even simple smartphone browsers make it almost impossible to tell whether consumers are entering their data on a secure website. A similar lack of clarity is also apparent in operating systems. It’s more important than ever to protect consumers while they are using their mobile devices.”

Trend Micro knows of these security gaps in the mobile ecosystem and the risks they pose, and have responded by launching the next version of Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android.

It takes privacy protection to the next level by incorporating industry- leading antivirus protection, data-theft detection that identifies apps that actually collect personal information, anti-phishing protection, as well as privacy scanning and advice for users’ Facebook profiles., a third-party testing facility has found that Trend Micro Mobile Security ranks among the top 3 mobile security solutions and scored well above average for detection results. Software can be developed to stop any and all threats, but if it’s only usable by hardcore coders, its value is greatly diminished. Trend Micro’s Mobile Security ranks first in ease of use; a great factor that determines whether or not the solution will be used, or installed and forgotten.

Pilao added, “Trend Micro is focused on putting the balance of power back into the hands of the consumer when it comes to protecting their privacy.”