More apps to make your Valentine’s date memorable

Because you need more Valentine Apps in your life, the following mobile apps compiled by Smart might be what you need to make your Valentine’s date memorable.

Babble Messenger

Constantly be connected to your significant other with Babble Messenger. It has a super cool secret messaging feature that ensures whatever sweet nothing you want to tell you’re loved one is kept confidential and away from prying eyes.


Get the romantic mood going, and play some romantic tracks on SPINNR app, the country’s largest online music portal. At P2.50 per day, you can stream music from more than 3 million tracks available on SPINNR.


Download Clickplay on your devices and enjoy chick flicks for as low as P60 per movie. Try Sleepless in Seattle, or the Time Traveller’s Wife! These movies are guaranteed to get your date swooning over.

Easy Taxi/Waze

Avoid the hellish traffic and get to your dinner on time with the help of Waze. You can text WAZE5 to 211 for one day of unlimited Waze use for only P5. If you don’t have a car though, you can use the Easy Taxi app so you don’t have to go through the hassle of hailing for a cab.

Smart Power App

smart powerapp
Snap away and post a minute-by-minute account of your romantic date on Instagram with the help of Smart PowerApp. Subscribe to the Photo Package and get unlimited access to Flickr, Instagram, Regram, Pinterest, Imgur, and Tumblr for just P10 for three hours!