More notifications for Twitter on the way


Residents of Twitterverse, prepare for an influx of Twitter notifications.

Previously, Tweeps only receive notifications whenever a user clicks that favorite button (star icon) of your witty, funny, or just plain awkward tweet.

Now, according to a report from TheNextWeb, the newest update of this social media platform will include receiving notifications of a tweet you were mentioned in if it was favorited by another user.

Another attempt to create a more updated Twitterverse is the notification when a user retweets a tweet that you retweeted, talk about being updated. Though it’ll be great to see when a follower finds what you retweeted funny and interesting.

Albeit Twitter users are only bound to 160 characters to rant, share, and comment , its fun to see how users put in their creative juices to the contents of their tweets in earning followers and  giving people a peek into their everyday lives.

Do you have a Twitter account? If so, prepare for a flood of notifications.