Pouch rewards app launches in the Philippines



Don’t want to stuff your wallet or purse full of loyalty rewards cards? Pouch is an all-in-one rewards app that does away with all the cardboard that comes with your rewards cards, and allows you to carry them digitally instead on your mobile devices.

Pouch was initially founded in Indonesia before coming to the Philippines. Currently, there are 16 local partners and many more will be coming aboard as the app makes its way through the market. All users have to do is download the app on their iPhones, Android devices or Blackberry devices, and then scan a QR code at any participating establishment. Each scan counts as a digital stamp, and users earn awards as they accumulate more stamps.

Pouch’s security system ensures that users are protected against malicious activity. The app’s servers monitor all incoming data closely and track any suspicious behavior, so that users can have fun using the app without any fear of revealing their personal information.

Rewards are available in the country’s restaurants, bars, and other lifestyle establishments. Some establishments that use the app are Big Bad Wolf, David’s Salon and Sarabia Optical. Users can avail of discounts and freebies just for bringing their phones with the app—and for every establishment at once, so that you don’t need to leave a paper trail or hunt for cards that you’ve used in the past.

The paper-free and worry-free accessibility of rewards that Pouch brings will possibly make it one of the most downloaded apps in the Philippines, so you can frequent your favorite establishments and get more for your money. For inquiries, you can contact Pouch at 218-5464 or (0905) 559-7419, visit www.pouch.ph, or like their Facebook page (PouchPH) or follow @PouchPH on Twitter.