Profile pictures are cool, but you know what’s cooler? Profile videos.

FlipYourProfile, is a new Facebook app cum browser plugin that allows you to replace your profile photo with a video. Sounds awesome, right? It’s actually Cisco’s and DDB Singapore’s promotional campaign for Flip video cameras.

There are two steps you would have to follow if you want a video profile. First, have the plugin installed. It is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. Without the plugin, you won’t be able to see videos, which means if you want others to see your video profile, you have to convince them to have the plugin as well. Secondly, you have to run the Facebook app, which can be found HERE. A notification will be posted to your wall to prompt you that it’s active.

Shoot and send video by e-mailing a video from your Flip Video cam to, or by using the Profile Maker to shoot a video using your webcam or to upload an existing video. Be mindful that it should be less than 10MB using the following supported formats: .flv, .mp4, h.264.


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