Remember must-try places with Matchbook

My husband and I have this thing for driving by these hole-in-the-wall type places and hoping to one day check them out (to add to our sense of adventure and romance, if you will). But oftentimes, we forget about the places soon after thus never getting the chance to go lest we stumble upon it again on some half-chance we do and remembering to actually remind ourselves of its existence.

If you’re anything like me who always “forgets to remember” certain places, here’s an app to remind you where you’re supposed to go. Matchbook (as an ode to the once efficient souvenir of where you’ve been) allows you to add bookmarks to places you’ve been to or have simply walked past. You can also add tags and notes to those bookmarks. These bookmarked places are organized by neighborhood and viewable on a map. You can even view top places from everyone else. Send places from your computer to your phone and share these locations with friends or family.

Free from the App Store.