SwifKey Flow hits beta, gives us another awesome way to input text

We’ve featured SwiftKey before, and it still remains the main way we get text into our Android devices here at work. The people behind the magic keyboard software has recently released the beta version of their newest keyboard replacement, SwiftKey Flow. It will look instantly familiar to many Samsung users, but the company’s addition of their secret predictive magic makes the Flow keyboard so much more effective. The keyboard layout remains more or less the same, except now, you can drag your finger through letters instead of lifting and tapping each one individually. As you move around, you’ll also see a trail of the letters you’ve hit, so you can have a general idea of where you’re going. Not content to just offer another swipe-y keyboard, Flow also gives you the option to swipe through the spacebar instead of having to lift your finger after every word. You can, of course, use it the same way as Samsung’s, and it apparently gives even better results. If you’re interested, head over to the link HERE and give it a try.