The Blackberry Messenger is a flirt

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Blackberry phones are known and have been promoted to be devices that are a vital part in a business user’s work life. Whether it’s composing emails, checking appointments and confirming when the next meetings are, RIM has been stressing these are gadgets for the corporate class. But is a Blackberry really all about business?

I guess not. With the release of this commercial, RIM is trying to unloose the strands to show us the casual side of a BlackBerry. And it’s all about the oh-so-awesome Blackberry Messenger.

For those who don’t know what BBM is, it’s an IM tool exclusively available on BlackBerry smartphones. It basically allows people to chat and share files with each other. The cool thing I like about BBM is that users are instantly notified of the status of the message — whether sent, failed or if opened/read on delivery.

RIM is detailing how the 35 million worldwide users can use the app to flirt. Presenting us how fun and unique it is to meet and get acquainted with people through the world of BBM.

I can see it now. I go into a club, hit the dance floor, sway my phone in the air while I bop to the music. A hot girl recognizes I’m holding a Blackberry, approaches me and initiates a conversation that goes like this:

Hot Girl:“Oh hey! I couldn’t help but notice you have a BlackBerry too!”

You:“Yayer! I am a BBM freak. I can’t live without my BlackBerry.”

Hot Girl:“Really? Me too! I’m on BBM 24/7. What’s your PIN?”

And then it’d be on.

Who needs a wingman when you’ve got Blackberry Messenger?


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