The end of the world is at hand! There’s an app for that. (Android)

The end of the world is clearly upon us. Since the Mayans ran out of space on their stone tablets for anything past 2012, people have been warning of the impending cessation of life as we know it. You probably have packed schedules, as the EoTW has inconveniently been scheduled with the Christmas rush, so to avoid the awkwardness of forgetting that you have an apocalypse scheduled on the 21st, get the app that reminds you how much time you have left on this mortal coil.  The End of the World Countdown provides a simple app (and convenient widget!) that counts down the time all of us have left. Now you won’t have to worry about scheduling that office Christmas Party just as civilization crumbles! You have just enough time to get all the gifts sent (make sure you mail them express) before the clock runs down, so head over to the link, and get the timer now!


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