Want to travel the world? You’re going to need this app.


One of the biggest hindrances to enjoying an overseas trip is the language barrier. We’ve all got bust schedules. Sometimes, there’s just no time to be fluent in conversational french during the flight. Once again, technology provides the answer. The Augmented Reality App Word Lens takes your foreign phrasebook, and gives it a solid technological boost.

The app works in conjuction with your smartphone’s camera, and gives you accurate, real-time translations right on your screen. What makes it really impressive is that it overlays the translated text right on the text your camera is hovering over. It’s like The Babelfish from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, except for the written word (so maybe more like the Tardis Translation Matrix for your pocket?)

The app isn’t new, and has been around for at least a few years, but it has recently gone from being paid to absolutely free, which makes it a great thing to have on your device for some unforseen travel emergency. In any case, it’s both very cool and actually quite useful, to boot. It will, of course, just translate words literally, so there’s still going to be a bit of brain power required of you, but it should get you pointed in the right direction, and maybe help you find the toilette while traipsing about Bordeaux. Get the app HERE, and prepare to be amazed.