Windows Blue has leaked online.

Windows 8 has been around for a little while now, and while most have made the transition with ease, there are some who feel that there is a little missing with Redmond’s new OS. Windows believes this most of all, and has apparently been working on an update to their Windows 8 operating system. While this isn’t meant to be a stand-alone OS (sorry, Windows 9 doomsayers), it brings a lot of updates to the current Windows environment. An early version of the update has leaked on file-sharing sites all over the Internet, so users have gotten a chance to take a look at what it is all about. Apparently, it will contain updates that allow it to have additional snap views instead of the normal small vertical bar on the side with a main one taking up most of the screen. Users will now be able to snap their apps into a new 50-50 view, sharing the screen between two apps down the middle, as well as four snapped apps alongside each other. A few default Windows apps will support this feature, but it seems like application developers will have to update their apps in order to support the feature. Other options seem to be geared more towards tablet users, including better SkyDrive integration for documents and photo uploads, as well as easier access to settings. There are also new gestures for the update, such as a swipe up to access all the installed apps, and a quick swipe gesture that brings up extra menu settings from the desktop.

Windows Blue is expected to hit public beta in the next few months, with a release date sometime within the year.


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