Windows Phone apps for the music lovers

Despite our general indifferences, we have become huge fans of music at one point or another. Our strong need to listen to our favorite songs rationally affects our mood or it could fuel us to last the day. Whatever it may be, the Windows phone offers these apps that the music lover in us will surely love:

TuneIn Radio. If you are a fan of streaming both local and global radio from wherever you are, then you should check out TuneIn. Supporting over 100,000 stations and 2 million on-demand streams, you could choose stations offering music, sports, news or even current events.

Spotify. Streaming albums has eventually made its way to the music scene that offers the users to any song they wish including the latest hits before actually purchasing it. Spotify, being considered as a pioneer in this technology, offers more than 20 million tracks for you to choose from. Want to listen to a certain track at an instant? Stream it with Spotify.

Deezer(Windows and Windows Phone).Deezer enables you to access more than 20 million songs from its extensive library. The app automatically syncs your playlists and library between the website and home-audio devices and smartphones, allowing easy access to your personal favorites anywhere, anytime. Let Justin Timberlake croon into your ears that this app is actually “Not a Bad Thing”.


MusiXmatch. Want to sing along with your favorites? Lyrics by MusiXmatch instantly provides you lyrics for music, TV or radio played on your device.  Providing you with over 7.3 million officially licensed lyrics—which are also localized in 18 languages, musiXmatch lets you gain access to the largest lyrics database in the world. With the help of the its fully integrated music player, song tracker and powerful lyrics search engine, musiXmatch is surely the best way to find lyrics on your mobile device. It also allows its users to mark their favorite songs for offline access, take a glimpse at the top viewed lyrics by country, and even purchase tracks directly from Zune.

Shazam. Shazam identifies music and media playing near you. With just a tap on the Shazam button, instantly tag, explore, buy and share any song you heard. The tagging feature is unlimited, which enables you to tag songs as much as you want. From Shazam Live Tiles, you can view your most recent tag, the 3 most popular tags within your radius, and directly tag from the Start Screen.

Soundrivin. Soundrivin for Windows Phone provides its users immediate access to SoundCloud’s database. Listen to your starred tracks; discover new songs and much more. You could record and upload sounds and share them with your SoundCloud friends as well!

Vimeo. Whether you are a big fan of creative music videos, or just wanting to be in the know, the Vimeo app is right for you. On Windows 8 and Windows Phone, watching music videos, or any video uploaded actually, has never been this easy. With its user-friendly interface, together with the high-res video playback, this surely will take your breath away.


Xbox Smartglass. Together with your Xbox 360 console, the Xbox 360 Smartglass lets your Windows Phone flash you rich, interactive experiences and unique, firsthand content about what you’re watching or playing, within the palm of your hand. Interacting with your favorite TV shows, movies, music, sports and games takes remote control into a whole new level. With just a swipe or tap, the Xbox SmartGlass lets you control your Xbox 360 easily. You could also use your device’s keyboard to type to your Xbox 360.


Have you been hooked to Katy Perry’s latest music video, Roar? Watch the behind-the-scenes clip right here, shot with only the Nokia Lumia 1020! To know more Windows Phone apps,, visitFacebook/MicrosoftPhilippines, and @MicrosoftPH Twitter page.