Yahoo Aviate is an intelligent launcher that simplifies your phone

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According to a blog entry from Yahoo’s Tumblr, they created Aviate to connect users  with the information they need at the moment, further saying “it’s useful.”

Delivering an intelligent mobile experience, Yahoo Aviate for Android simplifies everything about the user’s  phone. It features a clean, new layout, which automatically organizes the apps installed on the phone.

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Aviate also makes the phone extra smarter by offering intelligent information to the user. It is an intuitive launcher that automatically shows useful apps and information based on what the user is up to.

Some of the most exciting updates were built by the Incredible Labs team, who joined Yahoo in February.

  • Dress for the Weather: It alerts the you if the weather is different from yesterday.
  • Work Smarter: Connect to conference calls with a single tap and easily email everyone if something urgent comes up.
  • Get Around: Aviate will estimate commute time, taking traffic into consideration.

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Yahoo Aviate functions as a mobile home base, there’s a one-swipe access to daily routines, and a twice-daily news summary. Also, Aviate automatically pulls the users most popular contacts into a list of “Favorites”.

Download Yahoo Aviate to see how much simpler (and smarter) your phone can be.