Yahoo Mail intros Contact Cards

Yahoo has announced the launch of a new Contact Cards feature that allows users to see pertinent information whenever they hover their mouse over a contact’s name in a message, or while composing an email in Yahoo Mail. Users can expect to see a contact photo, or logo (if it is a company), a phone number, their job title, and links to social networks, such as Facebook and Flickr, allowing you to get information without even leaving your Yahoo Inbox.

If the sender had at some point, sent you their contact number, this will also be displayed as part of the card, saving you the hassle of having to dig through old emails. The cards can also be used to find old correspondences, add the person’s details to an address book, or go right to their social network pages.

Users can enable Facebook integration in cards via clicking on the Gear icon on the top right corner of Yahoo Mail, selecting “settings”, and then “accounts,” and then clicking on “connect to Facebook.”