3 months in, Windows Vista still has a higher market share than Windows 8

Yes, it’s true. According to Net Marketshare, a trend analytics firm, Microsoft’s most derided OS still has a higher market share than their latest and greatest OS, Windows 8. Windows 8’s overall market share pales in comparison to Windows 7’s commanding 44.48% slice of the OS pie. Surprisingly enough, Windows XP is still going strong, and currently has 39.51% of the OS marketshare. So why the low adoption? Well, it’s actually because of a number of factors – most commonly cost and availability of touchscreen Windows 8 devices, and the continuing growth of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Of course, it’s still kind of unfair to gauge the success or failure of a new operating system against another OS that has been out for several years already, but the low adoption rate of the new OS might be a potential problem for Microsoft down the road.

Source: Net Marketshare


  1. 3 whole months and it has almost matched OSx market share. I think that would have gotten you more clicks.

    • It’s not entirely fair to compare Windows 8 to OS X. It’s also quite amusing to see that Windows 8 has still not topped the most hated OS of all time. But thanks for the suggestion anyway.

      • Yet ‘the most hated os of all time’ has more market share than almost all of OSx releases combined. You silly isolated mac people. Windows 8 is already used more on steam than XP. Waaay more than any OSx release. And it’s only been out for a few months…also, there wasn’t a lot of hardware out that could run win8 to its max potential.
        and why is it not fair to compare an OS that’s been out for a few months to one that is cheaper and been out longer?

      • Based off of how few comments (the author and myself) there are here, you should have taken my suggestion. you’d have gotten hundreds of comments then.

  2. Was an upgrade to Vista Pro available for only $39.99 during the first 3 months? No! Instead people complained about the price of Vista when it was first released. But even at such a low price and with XP only a year away from losing support, Microsoft can’t sell Windows 8. What a major fail!

    I see lots of articles talking about slow Windows 8 sales, but what they are failing to mention is all of the reasons why Windows 8 SHOULD have sold more units than Vista in the same time frame. Is Windows 8 a buggy mess? No! So why isn’t it selling better?

    And you can’t tell me that if Microsoft launched Windows 8 with a traditional UI, that it would have sold this slowly. People wouldn’t be so willing to stick with Windows 7 if they could get a similar UI with 3 extra years of updates – until 2023 instead of 2020!

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