3 months in, Windows Vista still has a higher market share than Windows 8


Yes, it’s true. According to Net Marketshare, a trend analytics firm, Microsoft’s most derided OS still has a higher market share than their latest and greatest OS, Windows 8. Windows 8’s overall market share pales in comparison to Windows 7’s commanding 44.48% slice of the OS pie. Surprisingly enough, Windows XP is still going strong, and currently has 39.51% of the OS marketshare. So why the low adoption? Well, it’s actually because of a number of factors – most commonly cost and availability of touchscreen Windows 8 devices, and the continuing growth of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Of course, it’s still kind of unfair to gauge the success or failure of a new operating system against another OS that has been out for several years already, but the low adoption rate of the new OS might be a potential problem for Microsoft down the road.

Source: Net Marketshare