5-million Gmail accounts supposedly compromised


Earlier today, reports have surfaced that around 5-million Gmail usernames and passwords have been leaked into a hacker-frequented Russian bitcoin forum. Following the leak, various websites and spam e-mails have popped up claiming to be able to check if you’ve been victimized. If you’ve come across one of these, DON’T INPUT YOUR CREDENTIALS as this is a hacker method known as a honeypot that allows them to further steal identities.

However, users who’ve found their names in the leak list say that they’ve never used the password matched to their e-mail, saying that the leaker might have mixed and matched credentials from various other sites to produce an unbelievably detailed and numerous list that won’t work for the most part.

Though Google assures that their security has not been compromised, its best to be on the safe side. If you’ve been using the same password for different sites, it’s best to change these and have a unique one for each account. Additionally, users can turn on two-factor authentication for added security.