A ‘very different’ Kodak returns


Kodak is back, but the bankrupt company is taking on a different venture compared to before.

The American Eastman Kodak has had a US court sign off on its bankruptcy organisation plan, according to Forbes, and is now looking at officially re-entering the business world by 3 September.

A company lawyer disclosed that Kodak will now be “a very different company than the one in the popular imagination”, with an aim to focus on its corporate printing business. That means, we won’t be seeing any more cool new consumer tech, but if you work in a big office, maybe you’ll see Kodak-branded printers popping up next to coffee machines.

Kodak announced in February of last year that it would stop the production of its cameras. The company was the first to build the first digital camera, but the Kodak was slow to adjust to the digital craze, adhering to in-store kiosks and photo printing. It did produce some portable camcorders but these were rapidly outpaced by smartphones.

Image and article via CNET UK