Airborne Technologies introduces latest lineup of powerbanks



On June 26, local powerbank maker, Airborne Technologies unveiled its latest lineup of powerbanks along with the formal launch of the brand.

Established in January 2014, Airborne Technologies manufactures top-of-the-line powerbanks that are both flexible and fashion-forward. The brand highlights its strong Research and Development, and Quality Control Team, assuring customers of high standard and quality products that appeals with its eco-friendly qualities, affordability, and reliability.

Airborne Technologies’ latest powerbanks:


AT-525 Cube:  8,400mAh (PHP 2,490)

AT-140A Booster: 14,000mAh (PHP 2,998.80)

AT-100A Revive: 10,00mAh (PHP 2,999)

AT-800 Tough Rock: 10,000mAh (PHP 3,999)


AT-168 Hype: 16,800mAh (PHP 3,590)

AT-5001 Slim: 5,300mAh (PHP 1,680)

AT-112A Stone: 11,200mAh (PHP 2,650)

AT-1203 Executive: 12,000mAh (PHP 3,700)

AT-2401 Arsenal (Laptop Powerbank): 24,000mAh (PHP 9,490)

For more product information, visit Airborne Technologies’ official website: