Alcatel-Lucent unifies service automation and network control to service provider networks


Alcatel-Lucent pioneers the unification of service automation and network control to service provider networks

Alcatel-Lucent pioneers SDN-based Network Services Platform (NSP). The industry’s first fully unified approach to service automation and network control empowers service providers to deliver a simplified, on-demand, end-user experience.

According to analyst firm ACG, the Alcatel-Lucent Network Services Platform simplifies multi-vendor IP/optical provisioning so operators can turn up services in a matter of seconds.


The Alcatel-Lucent Network Services Platform is the industry’s first fully-unified software solution that:

• addresses market demands in the most holistic way. Today’s Carrier SDN platforms only address a portion of today’s IP/optical networks, and a fraction of the functionality required. They all lack the necessary integration to unify service automation with network automation.

• allows operators to define and deliver profitable, on-demand network services across multiple network layers, quickly, cost-effectively and at scale.

• combines network-aware service automation and service-aware network optimization by leveraging a unified real-time network view across IP and optical networks

• automates complex multi-vendor IP/optical provisioning so operators can turn up services in seconds instead of days or weeks

• reduces network complexity on IT so new network services can be defined more than 58% faster and for 56% lower cost

• enables real-time network-wide path computation and optimization across IP and optical layers. KPI/analytics-driven to optimize the network to meet the changing traffic needs of deployed services

• allows operators to support 24% more revenue-generating traffic by using sophisticated path computation algorithms to intelligently distribute new connections across their network

• can provision IP, Ethernet and Optical services across all network layers over any vendor’s equipment, and in hardware-based, virtualized or hybrid networks

• will be commercially available in June 2015

• leverages Alcatel-Lucent’s expertise in IP and optics, including proven code from the 7750 Service Router family, 1830 Photonic Service Switch and 5620 Service Aware Manager as well as extensive knowledge of SDN technologies.

The Network Services Platform links service provisioning and network engineering, thus, allowing operators for more cost effective services. With SDN-based software and Alcatel-Lucent’s expertise in service management as well as in the creation and management of large scale IP/MPLS routing and optical networks, a unified approach to the automation and control of a broad IP/optical infrastructure will be optimized. It also gives full visibility of the state of the network across all layers at all times, allowing automatic multi-layer service provisioning, to use the best available network resources as well as real-time network optimization.