Android Key Lime Pie coming out this spring! (?)

Nothing confirms a rumor like a takedown order, and Qualcomm, one of the biggest supplier of chips for the big G’s android devices has just given us a huge one. Last week,  quite a few ‘Droid sites announced that they had stumbled upon a leak in the form of internal Qualcomm slides saying that the next iteration of Android, named Key Lime Pie would be out “spring 2013.” Interestingly, this lines up with the Google’s 2013 I/O (developer event) schedule of May 15-17. Shortly after the story broke on Android Police and other sites, Qualcomm imediately ordered the slides taken down and all copies of it destroyed, which means only one thing: they were right. It means we only have a little while before the new OS goes live, and a few more months before another round of obsolescence hits the community. Maybe give your next upgrade a little time, then?


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