Anonymous takes on Mexican drug cartel

Say what you want about Anonymous, but when these guys pick a fight, they don’t back down. TNW reports that Anonymous Mexico is going up against one of the most dangerous drug cartels in the world, Los Zetas. Spurred by a kidnapping incident of one of their own (if this video is to be believed) a spokesman for the group says that if the hostage is not released, the group will start to publicly name and shame policemen, politician, judges and other people connected to the cartel.

If Anonymous Mexico are taking on the Los Zetas, they risk a lot more than just an internet flame war. Back in September, Los Zetas killed a man and a woman and then hung them on a bridge as a warning to social media users not to criticise Mexican drug cartels on the internet. A sign reading ‘This is going to happen to all those posting funny things on the internet, You better (expletive) pay attention. I’m about to get you’, was left beside the bodies. Anonymous Mexico has already fired the first shots, and have defaced a website belonging to a politician who many believe has close ties to the drug cartel. If Anonymous Mexico is willing to wage war on Los Zetas on the internet, let’s hope that they’re using more than just one proxy.

Source: TNW


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