Apple pushes iOS 6.1 update worldwide (including the Philippines), unlocks LTE functionality in iPhone 5


Apple has released the latest update to their mobile operating system, iOS 6.1. The new update includes several bug fixes and improvements, but the real highlight of the update is the addition of LTE support for iPhone 5 users in selected countries, which includes the good ol’ Philippines. If you weren’t aware, all legally sold iPhone 5s in the Philippines (and by legal, we mean it went through the proper channels, either through Globe, Smart or an authorized reseller) uses the correct band of LTE and are capable of using either Smart or Globe’s LTE network. Theoretically, all you need now is an LTE provisioned SIM card to be able to surf the LTE wave.

We’ve reached out to both Smart and Globe to find out if this changes anything in their lineup, and understandably both telcos are still preparing their statements as of now, although Globe’s Peter Bithos has been quoted to saying that they will not be differentiating between the plans they have for the 3G version of the iPhone 5 and the LTE plans of the device once Apple OK’s LTE functionality here in the PH, which might mean that current subscribers of Globe’s iPhone 5 devices may get a speed bump in the near future. Stay tuned folks.