Apple released unannounced iOS update

ios 7.0.6

If you’re an Apple user and still unaware of the latest iOS update that Apple never mentioned in public before its release, now’s the time to get it installed, since the said update should address the unknown security issue present in your device.

According to the patch note, the previous iOS versions were lacking the key SSL validation that kept Secure Transport from validating authentic connections – making your device vulnerable for attackers with a more privileged network position and allowing them to capture or modify data in your sessions protected by SSL/TLS.

Not only that, this security flaw seems to be affecting OS X devices as well. Crowdstrike, a security firm, confirmed that both of Apple’s platforms were unable to go in between the attacks through their analysis of the latest iOS update. This issue brings the conclusion that Apple will be pushing for a fix in OS X too, but for now, what they can only recommend to the users is to avoid connecting to any untrusted networks.