Apple, reportedly, teaming up with Comcast for a Set-Top Box Video Service


Reports of Apple coming up with their own TV-connected service were further backed up when the Wall Street Journal reported that the company is currently in talks with U.S. cable provider Comcast.

According to reports, the streaming TV service would feature an Apple set-top box that would give its users an access to Comcast’s backend equipment, which will allow them to pass around internet congestion for faster streams. This feature is almost similar to how Xbox 360 Comcast app receives videos for streaming.

The article also mentioned that this deal can be compared to Comcast’s partnership with TiVo who sells “boxes” as well for Comcast VOD access, but Apple seemingly has different plans to change this typical set-up.

Comcast currently has their own X1 platform, which includes internet features, cloud DVR streaming to various smart devices, as well as live live TV.