Apple slowly becoming manufacturer of choice for businesses, bosses – Forrester

The enterprise space has long been dominated by brands like Lenovo’s ThinkPad notebooks and RIM’s BlackBerry devices. But a report from Forrester says that may soon be a thing of the past. The research firm has said that in a survey across 10,000 enterprise users across 17 countries, about a fifth of them say that they use an Apple product for work. Also notable is that half of the enterprises surveyed during the study say that they plan to increase the use of Macs by 52 percent. The report also says that managers and execs are more than twice as likely to use Apple products, with younger info workers are twice as likely to use Apple products as older ones. This may be great news for Apple, but dire news for enterprise stalwarts like BlackBerry, Microsoft and Lenovo.

Source: Forrester