Apple’s iOS 7 Beta 5 is out!


About a week after the release of the Beta 4, Apple’s iOS 7 Beta 5 is now available to developers who have the pre-release software installed on their devices. The software is expected to approach its final, stable launch state, as Apple has committed to a wide public launch of iOS 7 this fall.


The previous updates have been ironing out some of the bugs around the major, including improvements on performance and a new design for the iOS lock screen.


Aside from the icons changed in Settings and some other visual tweaks, the new release appears to contain a number of bug fixes, which is often the case as the final version of the shipping software nears.

Don’t be surprised if Apple releases new betas, possibly prompting this to become the most talked about major release of Apple’s mobile OS to date. This marks a drastic change to iOS. A lot of refinement is expected before it makes its way to Apple users.

Image and article courtesy of TechCrunch.