Apple’s iPhone 5 A6 processor has a triple core GPU, dual-core processor

When Apple announced the iPhone 5 about a week ago, it didn’t dive into the nitty gritty of what exactly their new A6 processor was. Well, the good people at UBM TechInsights have taken the task to analyze the new A6 chip, and they’ve released the first diffusion images of Apple’s A6 SoC. The images reveal that the new chip uses three GPU cores (one less than what’s on the new iPad) and has a dual-core processor. This possibly means that the iPhone 5 is capable of pushing better graphics than ever before, which was demonstrated during the actual launch event with Real Racing 3. Surprisingly, UBM also thinks that the manufacturer of the processor is bitter tech rival Samsung, which goes to show that no matter how bitter the fight between the two brands has become, life still goes on as far as selling components go.

Source: UBM TechInsights