Asiasoft Online schedules Ragnarok Online 2 open beta on January 3, Porings around the world shudder in fear

Ragnarok Online, that massively multiplayer online game that started the MMORPG craze in the Philippines has a massive following even after existing for more than a decade. It’s not surprising then that its sequel, Ragnarok 2 has been hotly anticipated by both local and international gamers. Asiasoft Online initially scheduled the open beta for Ragnarok Online 2 for December 27, unfortunately their servers were hammered bad by the sheer number of players who wanted in the Poring smashing action that they crashed it. Subsequently, Asiasoft has rescheduled the open beta for RO2 on January 3, which allows you some time to say goodbye to your significant other and your family before you go back to the realm of Asgardia. Unfortunately people who managed to get in the RO2 action early will have their characters reset by the time January 3 rolls around, possibly in a bid to ensure everyone has a fair footing when the January 3 opening is announced. You can follow their official Facebook page at to get real-time updates about the game.