Asus PadFone priced in Taiwan – $610 for phone, $850 for the phone and tablet plus stylus

While we’re waiting for the official release of the Asus PadFone here in our shores, the revolutionary smartphone/tablet device has already launched today in Asus’ homeland, Taiwan. So how much will Taiwanese citizens be ponying up for Asus’ transformagical device? Well, you can expect to pay about  NT$17,990 or about $610 (Php 25,985) for just the dual-core 1.5GHz processor powered phone, NT$24,980 or about $850 (Php 36,082) for the phone, tablet dock and stylus and about NT$28,901 or about $980 (Php 41,745) for the phone, tablet dock, stylus and keyboard. Take note that this isn’t the final price of the device when it hits our shores, as we still have taxes and other things to account for. The device will be going on sale on April 20th, so if you’re planning a trip to Taiwan soon, you might want to pick one up.