Beyond Smartphones, Telco Looks to Advent of ‘Smart Life’


In the light of the recently conducted Consumers Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Smart Communications, Inc., one of the country’s leading telecommunication companies expressed its huge interest in supporting other ‘Smart’ gadgets other than smartphones.

With the deliberate increase of Internet-enabled gadgets that are available in the market. From monitoring wellness, organizing daily routines down to multimedia entertainment, just name it and sure enough, there’s a gadget that can cater to one’s needs.

As Smart Communications, Inc.’s Chief Wireless Advisor and Co-Founder, Orlando B. Vea, puts it, “We’re no longer talking about simply smartphones and smart tablets. As we’ve seen from the recent CES show, the coming of smart watches, smart cars, smart TVs and smart appliances is imminent.”

Without a doubt, the recent CES display spearheaded the concept of ‘Smart Life’ through its exhibition of a wide array of “wearable tech,” or wireless devices that can be conveniently worn like accessories, having smart features such as updating its user for new messages, upcoming appointments and the like.

“Experts are forecasting the coming of a ‘digital tsunami’ brought by these data-generating devices. Smart is more than capable of handling this spike in demand for data access as we have not only super-charged our network in the past years but we have future-proofed it as well,” Vea added.

Smart currently has about 78,000 kilometers of fiber-optic cable running across the country, providing four times fiber power that acts as backhaul for its more than 10,000 4G-capable sites (HSPA+/Wimax, LTE and LTE-Advanced) currently active nationwide.