BlackBerry 10 Browser trounces iOS 6 and Windows Phone 8 in head to head test

BlackBerry 10 has been in our minds lately as we’ve been seeing leak upon leak of what we could expect with the revitalized OS and the devices that comes with it. Aside from being a complete revamp from the BlackBerry we now know, the new OS also promises to deliver fast web performance compared to other OSes. A new comparison video from tech outfit The Gadget Masters pits a Dev Alpha B BlackBerry 10 device against an iPhone 5 with iOS 6 and HTC Windows Phone 8X with WP 8 and it seems that the new OS managed to beat its rivals as far as browser performance is concerned. It’s also important to note that the device and software being used in the BlackBerry 10 device isn’t even close to the final version of BlackBerry 10, which means that the performance of the built-in browser can possibly be even faster than what you’re seeing here.