Blackberry 10 detailed through 10-minute video


It’s not a secret that RIM’s mobile hopes are firmly pinned on the next BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10. So you’ll probably forgive us if we’re thirsting for information about the up-and-coming OS. Spanish tech site, Muy Computer seems to have gotten the lowdown on the new OS via a 10-minute video demo give to the Spanish tech site by RIM’s Regional Senior Product Manager Claudio Roselli. In the video, Roselli shows us how the adaptive lock screen works, as well as giving us a look at the brand spanking new BlackBerry Hub. While the video is in Spanish, the features being shown off is pretty self-explanatory, and gives us a glimpse of how the next BlackBerry 10 devices will function. The demo was conducted on a Dev Alpha B handset.

Source: Muy Computer