BlackBerry 10 keyboard detailed in video walkthrough

The launch of BlackBerry 10 and its associated devices are fast approaching, but there’s still a lot of questions in people’s minds about the new OS, chief of which is messaging. The company built their business around their messaging service and most people are clueless how they will be able to integrate the elements of their service into a new OS (and a new device). Well,  RIM’s Vivek Bhardwaj was kind enough to make a detailed video walkthrough about the new keyboard on their upcoming touchscreen device and we have to say that we’re cautiously optimistic about the improvements they’ve made. It looks like RIM has poured a lot of resources into trying to replicate their legendary QWERTY keyboard on a touch-based device, going so far as to replicate the overall look of their physical keyboard on the touch-device. The new OS also features some powerful predictive abilities as well, and is smart enough to insert spaces into words in case you were in hurry to type things out. Check out the video below to see all the improvements.

Source: YouTube (BlackBerry)