Blizzard admits to being hacked, urges players to change their passwords

Blizzard has just sent out a notice to players saying that their servers have been compromised, with the attackers managing to get players’ email addresses and hashed passwords. Blizzard’s North American servers are the subject of the intrusion, which means players from Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia are affected. While the passwords are all protected by a layer of cryptography and are typically well protected against attacks, Blizzard wants to err on the side of safety, and has asked affected players to change their passwords immediately.

“We take the security of your personal information very seriously, and we are truly sorry that this has happened,” said Blizzard president and co-founder Mike Morhaime.

“In the coming days, we’ll be prompting players on North American servers to change their secret questions and answers through an automated process. Additionally, we’ll prompt mobile authenticator users to update their authenticator software. As a reminder, phishing emails will ask you for password or login information. Blizzard Entertainment emails will never ask for your password.”

Source: Mac Rumors