Canalys: Android makes up 70% of all smartphones and 34% of all phones sold in Q4 2012

Android is still the king of all smartphones as far as sheer volume is concerned according to research firm Canlys. Their latest report which tracks mobile shipments all ’round the world indicated that Google’s mobile OS is still number one, and accounts for 70% of all smartphones sold in 2012. That particular fact shouldn’t surprise anyone that’s even remotely familiar with the mobile industry at all, but it’s still something that most Android faithful will be glad to hear.

Another important metric in Canalys’ report is the fact that Android devices made up 34% of all phones sold worldwide. That means 1 in 3 devices sold last year was Android device, which is good news for Google. The report also confirms IDC’s findings that Huawei is currently the third biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world after Samsung and Apple. If you want to check out the nitty gritty of the report, you can hit the link below.

Source: Canalys