Canon visits elementary schools for public awareness project under GreenNation program


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Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc. conducts its public awareness project in Aguho and Sta. Ana Elementary Schools to raise awareness towards climate change and global warming amongst the youth. This public awareness project is facilitated in partnership with Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc. and in support of Canon’s GreenNation Program.

Showcasing Knowlegde Channel’s educational videos, participants interacted with two classes in each of the two schools with students enjoying games and activities along with the volunteers and learning the importance of countering environmental hazards.

Canon’s eco-project, GreenNation, aspires to promote environmental awareness as well as the conservation of Mother Earth. GreenNation—a recipient of the Anvil Award of Merit in 2011—essentially aims to allow us to capture a greener nation through our lenses.Under this project, Canon has created programs in partnership with the Philippines Eagle Foundation for its wildlife programs, Robinsons Malls for deployment of ink and toner cartridge collection bin for its advocacy, and Bachang for initiating programs for the UNESCO-listed heritage site, the Banaue Rice Terraces

“For years, Canon has proactively encouraged its employees and stakeholders to partake in environment conservation. We hereby call for everyone’s engagement to contribute to this cause. We believe that it is everyone’s obligation to take care of this place we live in,” said Canon Philippines Manager of Corporate Communications Ernalou del Rosario.

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