Catch the All-New Kia Soul at the MIAS 2014

SOUL-mustardyellowRaising the car reboots bar higher, the well-loved Kia Soul receives a state-of-the-art upgrade in its 2015 model.

Making its Philippine debut at the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) 2014, the All-New Kia soul is set to grab the world’s attention with its sleek physique and build quality inspired by the 2012 Kia Track’ster concept car.

Kia Vice President for Overseas Marketing, Soon-Nam Lee, comments, “Keeping what made the current Soul special while addressing areas for improvement presented Kia’s designers and engineers with a difficult task, so our people have listened closely to customer feedback.”

Lee adds, “The Soul already has great emotional appeal so our main focus with the 2015 model was infusing it with improved driving dynamics, developing a higher quality cabin, and adding desirable features to highlight the new Soul’s fresh sophistication.”

Fun to drive, fun to ride


The new Kia Soul starts off with a “floating” body-color panel inset into the tailgate, a trapezoidal lower air intake, and the fog lights pushed down low to the edges all originated from the concept adding to the Soul’s unique and fierce identity. The smooth exterior body panels with surface detailing are also hallmark design elements that cut the Kia Soul’s aerodynamic drag, improving its fuel economy at higher speeds.

U2 1.6 VGT engine

It boasts Kia’s FlexSteer and Motor Driven Power Steering (MDPS) systems; different settings for different driving preferences are on hand. Drivers can choose among Normal, Comfort, and Sport modes to match the desired effort required to turn the wheel depending on driving conditions. The All-New Soul also has larger dimensions that provide easier access to cargo, more space for people, and a boost to its practicality.

Notably, the All-New Kia Soul has been awarded a five-star safety rating by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Refined Road-worthiness


The second-generation Soul is a crossover that flawlessly combines personality and practicality. It has an all-new platform made of 66 percent ultra-high strength or high-strength steel supports a re-engineered body shell, which accounts for the biggest technical change for the Soul. Structural adhesive applied around the door, tailgate, and roof also resulted to a 29 percent increase in torsional rigidity from the earlier model which then benefits steering, handling, riding, and forward visibility.

It features a six-speed transmission and the choice between manual or multi-mode automatic gearboxes, driving would be such a breeze. Initially presented in the Philippines with a 128 ps 1.6L U2 diesel engine, reduced fuel consumption and lower CO2 Emissions are ensured.

Special PHP 50,000 discount at the MIAS 2014


From April 3 to 6, 2014, Kia’s decked-out pavilion at the MIAS 2014 will feature a captivating car display and a special PHP 50,000 discount for the 2015 Kia Soul.

Starting April 3, 2014, you can also go and check out and answer the Soul Personality Test.

The test, available for MIAS attendees to try, is designed to find a vibrant and colorful All-New Soul that complements the test taker’s personality. Colors of the Kia Soul represent the unique and interesting personalities included in the quiz such as Newport Blue for the Sporty, Acid Green for Nature, Inferno Red for the Social, and Mustard Yellow for the Foodie personalities. The first 50 registrants who will finish the quiz and successfully get matched with a Kia Soul will get a PHP 50,000 discount!

On-site registrants from MIAS will also get a chance to win one of three gift certificates from partner restaurants that will be raffled off daily.

Get ready to see this sleek and powerful crossover taking over Philippine roads as Kia and Columbian Autocar Corporation stage more activities that will bring the All-New Soul closer to the market.

The All-New 2015 Kia Soul, retails at its net introductory price of PHP 970,000.

Visit Kia dealers nationwide and ask about the All-New Kia Soul now! Check out or for other exciting announcements from Kia, the brand with the Power to Surprise.