Citi Officially Launches Voice Biometrics Authentication in PH

Citi, one of the world’s leading banks, has just officially introduced a ground-breaking technology developed to provide its Filipino clients a more secure and convenient phone banking experience.

Taking pride in its many industry-first innovations such as international ATM cards, 24-hour customer service, mobile banking solutions, among others, Citi marks another milestone by being the first bank to roll out voice biometrics authentication in phone banking.

With this technology integrated into Citi’s phone banking system, the time spent on identification is significantly cut down as the need to provide personal information and answer security questions each time you call to transact is eliminated.  Security is also further enhanced as the voice biometrics authentication capability identifies customers through their voice print, which is as unique as a person’s fingerprint preventing fraud and identity theft.

Citi clients can opt to enrol by recording their voices, which the bank will use to generate and store their voice prints for matching subsequent calls to Citibank. Each voice print will be uniquely tagged and cannot be reverse-engineered once stored.  Once enrolled, a client’s identity is automatically verified in 15 seconds or less as they freely explain their reason for calling.

Prior to its Philippine roll out, the service has already been implemented in Taiwan, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. Citi hopes to have at least a million of its customers across the region enrolled in the service in the next 12 months. Meanwhile, in the country, the bank targets 100-percent of its phone banking clients to actively use voice biometrics authentication by the end of 2016.

Citi account holders can now enrol in Voice Biometrics by calling 995-9999. For more information, log on to, follow them on Twitter @Citi and Facebook, or visit