Customer perception: Globe is better than the other network

If you are in the Philippines and have been anywhere near a radio, TV or broadsheet, you must be familiar with the ad campaign aimed against Globe telecom. The rival network has been targeting Globe with its own ads declaring itself the “Better network.” A brand health survey conducted by independent research firm Nielsen has shown that consumer perception of the Globe brand is contrary to this claim.

Among the questions asked were hinged on brand perception, which included “the brand that is a leader in 4G,” “the brand that has the biggest 4G network,” “the brand that was first to offer 4G,” “fast internet downloading using my cellphone,” and “fast internet uploading using my cellphone.”  The result of the randomly-sampled, face-to-face survey was clear: Globe was perceived to be better with its 4G offerings, and at the very least at par with regard to calls, SMS transmission, signal quality and  load sending and receiving.

“The study validates that a substantial number of consumers actually say that the Globe network is performing well, if not superior, compared to its rivals, even while the test was conducted during the initial rollout of our network modernization program. Unsubstantiated claims often mislead the public, and offers no true benefit either to consumers or to the industry,” said Yoly Crisanto, Head of Globe Corporate Communications.

“It is outright preposterous to claim being the “better network” when consumers feel and experience that this is not so. More importantly, these claims failed to dent perception when it comes to 4G superiority, despite hyped up promotions and negative publicity directed at us,” she stated.

Globe is an active member of the Philippine Association of National Advertisers and is represented in the current Board of Directors. It adheres to the policy of self-regulation and the principles of truth in advertising. As a Company which puts premium on integrity and customer centricity, Globe ensures that its products and services deliver on claims in any advertising or publicity material.