Decide on your next postpaid plan with these new Globe bundles!

Globe Telecom's new roster of devices

Whether you are on a budget, a couch potato on the go, or an all around gamer, the new roster of Globe devices got you covered. Letting each user tailor-fit attractive plan bundles, Globe’s world of postpaid allows you to choose your lifestyle. Not only that, you could ‘bundle’ your number with you! In cases of theft or robbery, you can easily have your mobile phone replaced and number retained.

Check out the latest device offerings from Globe and see what fits you and what you do:

For the consummate surfer on a budget

Want to surf the net but quite short on budget? Avoid compromising breakneck speeds with budget constraints with the most affordable Long Term Evolution (LTE) device together with the lowest LTE plan available in the market today exclusive from Globe. The Huawei Ascend G526 LTE is a dual-core Android smartphone equipped with a unique power-saving technology, allowing you to surf at speeds of up to 42 Mbps without quickly draining your battery. You can get this handset free at Plan 499 complete with consumable surfing and free calls and texts.

For the couch potato on the go

You don’t have to miss your favorites shows anymore, when you have the super cool Cloudfone Excite 451TV. This handy and slim smartphone that fits into your pocket doubles as a TV, with its TV built-in feature. This Globe device can be yours for free at Plan 599, giving you plenty of time to feed your latest TV addiction anytime, anywhere. This device is equipped with unlimited calls and texts as well, inviting your fellow Globe and TM friends over to obsess with is not that hard.

For the all-around gamer

If you’re tremendously attached to Xbox, you can now play your favorite Xbox games with your Nokia Lumia 1320 LTE, another Globe LTE-exclusive handset. Running on Windows 8, this sleek and colorful “phablet” combines user-friendly features and power-house specs. The Lumia 1320 has a crisp and vivid screen which makes it perfect for games like Assassin’s Creed, NBA Jam, Need for Speed Undercover, and many more. The Nokia Lumia 1320 LTE is free at Plan 1299 complete with mobile surfing of up to 42 Mbps and free calls and texts.

What are you waiting for? Upgrade to a wonderful experience with a postpaid plan and gadget of your choice with Globe. Know what gadget and plan best fit you by visiting or calling the Globe Sales Hotline at 730-1010.