Dominion.AnonPois0n group threatens to shut down all PH government websites on Friday


We’ve already documented numerous attacks against government websites in protest of the controversial RA 10175 or Anti-Cybercrime Law before, and it doesn’t look like those attacks are going to stop soon. The newly created Facebook page of a hacking group named Dominion.AnonPois0n has ominously announced that “all Philippines website will shutdown” on “Bloody” Friday, this week.  By “all Philippines website”, we assume that they’re talking about government websites that has already suffered the wrath of multiple defacings and DDoS attacks, not to mention several attacks from the members of Global Anonymous. Until the Anti-Cybercrime law is amended or modified, we don’t think that these attacks will stop, and we fear that this just may be the beginning of a long and bloody fight in the digital space for the members of Anonymous and their global cohorts.

Source: Dominion.AnonPois0n (Facebook)