EMC helps ready businesses for new generation of IT consumers

Redefine Resized 2

As trends come and go, businesses are challenged to cope with the ever-changing landscape. To thrive in the vicious market, strategies must be devised; parallel to science, one needs to evolve.

Mega trends such as cloud, mobile, social, and big data created a new generation of consumers and end-users in demand of better security and efficient services by the minute. IT being in the center of this digital shift has been more focused on creating efficiencies and driving down cost.

According to a forum survey conducted by EMC Corporation, which asked IT decision makers in the Philippines to examine and give perspective on ITs role in the digital shift, results reveal that IT is seen as a huge facilitator in the progressing industry shift. In the country, 78 percent of respondents expressed that IT has become a lever to better their services, further allowing businesses to grow.

Riding the digital wave, 64 percent of respondents in the Philippines expect these next-generation technologies to give their organization a competitive advantage. Upon implementing new technologies, businesses look into enhancing customer experience, delivering savings, and finding efficiencies. Automating processes, as one of those technologies, is now critical to business growth.

With businesses migrating to the online sphere, more and more acknowledge software defined storage. But, aware of the complications and dangers of the Internet, 67 percent of respondents identified a need for joint public and private cloud services. Hybrid cloud is an innovation that offer means for greater agility and security.


David E. Wirt, EMC International SARL vice president of global services for Asia Pacific and Japan

The survey further divulges, implications of tech megatrends, though an advantage, is still an obstacle that will challenge organizations over the next few years. To keep pace I.T. staff needs to be trained, which signifies that there is still work for IT to do in gaining trust from decision makers. The question is, what will be the future of IT in the Philippines? 70 percent believe that the model IT department of the future will act as the in-house provider of on-demand services including platform-as-a-service and public and private cloud, bringing us back to hybrid cloud.

EMC as a global leader responsible in enabling businesses and service providers transform their operations and deliver IT as a service, focuses on creating infrastructures that can deliver the utmost performance, agility, and security. Providing a roadmap for their journey to the hybrid cloud, the company announced new product releases across its Flash, enterprise storage and Scale-Out NAS portfolios. These new product offerings will collectively help today’s IT organizations “Redefine Possible.”

EMC2 new product highlights:

  • The XtremIO 3.0, offers a multitude of new features and configurations, ecosystem integrations, and business programs for EMC XtremIO all-flash arrays. Collectively, these offer more scale, more capabilities, and more support for consolidated, virtualized, and performance-hungry workloads.
  • The highly anticipated VMAX3 Family, transforms VMAX from enterprise storage to an enterprise data service platform. The VMAX3 enterprise data service platform enables customers to regain control of where best to run specific workloads, within the data center or in the public cloud.
  • A major upgrade to EMC Isilon OneFS, are new Isilon platforms and new solutions that reinforce the industry’s first enterprise-grade, scale-out Data Lake.
  • The EMC ViPR 2.0 and EMC ViPR SRM 3.5, helps customers build a modern storage infrastructure on commodity platforms, while also making it easy to manage any storage infrastructure–from a cluster of two arrays to a truly hyperscale, multi-Petabyte environment.
  • The EMC ECS Appliance is a breakthrough hyperscale storage infrastructure designed for data centers. It is powered by ViPR 2.0, which redefines storage economics and balances the benefits of the public cloud—cost, simplicity, scalability—with the security and control of the private cloud.

Hit the link for a closer look at survey results by country as they become available. The series will conclude with an announcement of the global results in December.

*The survey was conducted at the EMC Forum event held in Manila. This research polled a total of 235 business and IT management and executives, technical architects, data scientists and storage/infrastructure managers from a range of Filipino businesses.